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David Williams
  Rocket Conceptual Design
  Rocket Trajectory Optimization

  Guidance Algorithms

  Modeling and Simulation

David F. Williams is a retired engineer living in Huntsville, Alabama. He spent over 40 years in the determination of quasi-optimum rocket trajectories for endo-atmospheric and earth-orbital applications. During his career, Mr. Williams developed numerous trajectory optimization computer programs, developed and analyzed various rocket guidance methods, and modeled and simulated the performance of a wide variety of rocket systems.

After retirement Mr. Williams developed a computer program named ZOOM for the conceptual analysis and design of rockets and their missions. ZOOM is operated via a graphical user interface and can handle intercepts of spacecraft and RV targets, injections into specified conics, and a variety of other missions. Mr. Williams has also developed an easy-to-use text encryption program named Cipher Machine, a football computer game named SCRIMMAGE, and a zero-english pool game.

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