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Zero-English POOL
Incorporates the action and sounds of a pool game.

Pool Table

A free copy of Zero-English POOL can be downloaded HERE.

When the download is complete, the ZIP file can be unzipped to reveal the Zero-English-Pool Folder. The "Read Me" PDF file in the folder should be read before playing the game.

Zero-English-Pool is being offered free of charge for the entertainment of those who have enjoyed the real game. Anyone who is inclined to express their appreciation is encouraged to donate to a worthy charity. Of special worthiness to the developer of this software application are children's hospitals. Four notable such hospitals are:

Children's of Alabama hospital in Birmingham, Alabama,
St. Jude Children's Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee, and
Cincinnati Children's Hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio.
Boston Children's Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts

Please address questions or comments to David Williams at