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Several software applications have been developed at Trajectory Solution. One is of professional grade: "ZOOM", a comprehensive program for the conceptual design of rockets and their missions. Another is "Cipher Machine", a text encryption program that creates virtually unbreakable ciphers. Another is a computer-game version of "SCRIMMAGE", a football board game from the 1970's. Yet another is a pool game called "Zero-English-Pool". Free copies of these software applications can be downloaded from their respective web pages:

ZOOM            Cipher Machine        Scrimmage


These software applications are being offered free of charge in order to facilitate their use by those who can benefit from them. Anyone who is inclined to express their appreciation is encouraged to donate to a worthy charity. Of special worthiness to the developer of these software applications are children's hospitals. Four notable such hospitals are:

Children's of Alabama hospital in Birmingham, Alabama,
St. Jude Children's Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee, and
Cincinnati Children's Hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio.
Boston Children's Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts

Any user of one of the software applications may receive a reasonable amount of free technical assistance by contacting the developer at