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Cipher MachineCipher Machine

is a software application that is used to encrypt and decrypt text. Its ciphers are virtually unbreakable.

Latest Upgrade: Version 3.2

Release Date: 16 August 2023

An image of the Cipher Machine window is shown at the right. The color scheme is just one of many that can be defined by the user. When the [ENCRYPT] button is clicked, the encryption replaces the plain text in the window.

When a downloaded copy of Cipher Machine is executed for the first time, it creates an eight-digit serial number based on the clock time at the instant of execution. This unique serial number is stored in the Cipher Machine program directory. When the user encrypts his plain text, the encryption is governed by a combination of the serial number and an eight-character code key defined by the user.

After executing Cipher Machine for the first time, the user can
provide copies of his Cipher Machine folder to those with whom he
would like to establish a secure communication network.  These copies will all have the same unique serial number.

The Cipher Machine Instructions can be downloaded at:


A free copy of the latest version of Cipher Machine (zip file) can be downloaded at:

Cipher Machine

When the download is complete, the ZIP file can be unzipped to reveal the Cipher Machine Folder.  The "Read Me" file in the folder explains how to execute the program.

Any user of Cipher Machine can receive a reasonable amount of free technical assistance by contacting the developer, David Williams, at

Cipher Machine is being offered free of charge in order to provide others with a secure text encryption tool for secure communication via email. Anyone who is inclined to express their appreciation is encouraged to donate to a worthy charity. Of special worthiness to the developer of Cipher Machine are children's hospitals. Four notable such hospitals are:

Children's of Alabama hospital in Birmingham, Alabama,
St. Jude Children's Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee, and
Cincinnati Children's Hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio.
Boston Children's Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts